ESPN and Breaking News

When Tony Romo left the Cowboys as a free agent, ESPN and other sport journalism news sites predicted the routes he could take, as quarterback at different teams — but few expected him to go the way he did.

In appropriate fashion, ESPN broke the news early Tues. April 4 that Tony Romo would leave professional football and become a “color commentator” at CBS, Fox or NBC.


According to sources close to Romo and as published on ESPN, the decision to leave profession sports came down to Romo’s health, and multiple injuries sustained through the past several seasons.

ESPN covered the news with a hard-news, breaking-news angle and followed up later in the morning with a feature piece on Romo’s career.

Breaking news in sports is not uncommon: March brings free-agent and trade agreements, April so far has seen the end of the college basketball season and the Tar Heels as National Champions. But these can, more or less, be predicted. ESPN covers breaking news with a slow-burning focus, supplementing their articles with embedded tweets, video, and hyperlinks to other articles.



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