Alternative Storytelling with Sports

ESPN’s flagship site and program “SportsCenter” typically posts more “alternative” storytelling, through the use of Vine, YouTube clips, and podcasts.

One popular form of multimedia reporting on ESPN is the interactive listicle, which they have used for things like season previews and features about college mascots.


One recent example is their coverage about the Cubs preseason, and the site’s predictions about the future of the 2016 World Series-winning team. ESPN staff uses a variety of graphs to display strikeout rates and even comparisons between this year’s Cubs team and the 1999 Yankees’ team.

Other articles have used animation, gifs , and short clips to add to the visual content of the story, such as this article about the Boston Red Sox’ outfielders and their post-win dances.

Alternative storytelling provides unique ways of presenting and consuming data that otherwise would be too cut-and-dry to publish in simple charts, as well as a way to consolidate different potential angles for an op-ed into one single editorial. Alternative storytelling can also be used in these same ways for hard-news or single-perspective articles, but ESPN maximizes on its effectiveness in feature stories and listicles like the one presented here.





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